Ensure the best performance & durability with our 4×4 clutch kits. 


Whether you’re taking your vehicle to do some serious off-roading or using it for towing, trade, or commercial use, then you need the right clutch to ensure the best performance & durability for your vehicle. Driving the remote and challenging conditions requires a well-built clutch.

NPC utilises reliable manufacturers that produce clutch components for the O.E (Original equipment) market. There are four major players in the world clutch market – Exedy, Luk, Sachs and Aisin. Where possible, products made by these manufacturers are used but with an NPC twist.

Why modify a standard part when there is a better O.E option already available but for another vehicle?

This ‘outside the box’ thinking has been critical to deliver a product far superior to the norm. With some clever NPC in-house engineering, we take an O.E product designed for a particular application and with a spline change, custom billet flywheel and dedicated release bearing we transform this to fit a vehicle very different to which it was intended. In some cases, O.E products are produced with torque figures which exceed what is required. This allows a gain of up to 80-120% upgrade without modifying the O.E factory quality components.

We draw on years of experience to select the best combinations possible.

Factory standard clutch kits will not provide the kind of drivability and performance that our custom 4×4 clutch kits can. Our kits will deliver the ultimate solution for hardworking off-road vehicles taking on heavy-loads and/or the harshest environments. 

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