New LSA Flywheels

New LSA Flywheel Range

Do you have  a factory LSA Twin Plate clutch  that you would like to install into a VE/VF LS?   If so, the RNF197-2 is compatible, accommodating the factory twin plate clutch and fitting a 6 bolt crank. For an 8 bolt crank paired with a VE/VF gearbox, opt for the RNF197-3.

Furthermore, for those seeking a lightweight billet steel flywheel to replace the factory dual mass flywheel, we have the solution. The RNF197 is designed with an 8 bolt crank to seamlessly integrate with the factory LSA motor. Alternatively, for those utilizing an aftermarket crankshaft with a 6 bolt crank, the RNF197-1 is the ideal choice. 

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