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Street & Performance

If you’re looking for a clutch kit for your performance vehicle that will provide higher torque capacity and maximum output, then NPC has a range of clutch kits to suit. If a factory engagement pedal feel is what you want, a heavy-duty organic or super heavy-duty kit is best as this will offer excellent drivability. However, your power level will determine the most suitable clutch selected and more than a heavy-duty organic clutch kit could be required.

Generally, vehicles with over 35% increase in torque will require a cushioned ceramic clutch and over 45% will need a ceramic button clutch kit. All cushioned button and button clutch plates will have a negative impact on engagement feel and longevity but will hold the torque needed to get the job done.

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Select from our wide range of clutch kits available on our website, or contact us directly for a custom project or conversion.

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