NPC has a solution for all high-horsepower racetrack applications.


If you’re a lover of the RACETRACK, we have clutch packages suited for all categories.

 Our clutch packages are engineered to suit the racing performance requirements for any track or circuit.

We draw on years of experience to select the best combinations possible.

Generally, vehicles with over 45% increase in torque will need a ceramic button clutch kit and over 60% will require a twin plate assembly. All button clutch plates will have a negative impact on engagement feel and longevity but will hold the torque needed to get the job done.

Recommended use:

Select from our wide range of clutch kits available on our website, or contact us directly for a custom project or conversion.

To find out more about what clutch would be right for your vehicle, click on the links below, or use our search bar to find your vehicle & view the options available.

Alternatively, if you need any advice do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales team.

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