Twin Plates

All options available, from street to track.

Twin Plates

By incorporating many years of multi plate clutch rebuilding experience into the design and manufacture of our own twin plate clutches, we can provide a product that is completely rebuildable and adaptable to suit individual requirements.

260mm Range:
Coppermix Organic Twin Plate

Ideal for high horsepower street applications when smooth engagement and comfortable pedal effort is required.

260mm Range:
Multi-Friction Twin Plate

Ideal for high horsepower street & strip applications. Engagement will be slightly aggressive & will retain a comfortable pedal effort.

260mm Range:
Carbotic Button Twin Plate Sprung Center

Ideal for extremely high horsepower street & strip applications. Engagement will be aggressive, but will maintain a comfortable pedal effort. Not recommended for daily use.

190mm Solid Center Basket Twin Plate

Lightweight for circuit racing conditions or applications when bell housing space is limited.

225mm Solid or Sprung Plate Basket Twin Plate

Lightweight and ideal for high horsepower applications used across all forms of motorsport i.e. Drift, drag, circuit race applications.

All our twin plates are push type design.

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