We offer clutch & flywheel options for a wide range of classic vehicles.


Our custom Australian made flywheels allow us to adapt any modern clutch application into your classic vehicle for any situation including street or race use.

It is now very common to change gearboxes for the Classics. NPC has the experience and knowledge to recommend the correct clutch for your application. For example; our Hemi 265 flywheels are supplied with multi-drilled pressure plate bolt holes to suit an upgraded 10”clutch as well as a standard clutch bolt pattern format and includes a billet steel pressure plate to avoid exploding castings.

Select from our wide range of clutch kits available on our website, or contact us directly for a custom project or conversion.

To find out more about what clutch would be right for your vehicle, click on the links below, or use our search bar to find your vehicle & view the options available.

Alternatively, if you need any advice do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales team.

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