Super Heavy Duty

Superior performance whilst maintaining factory feel.

Super Heavy Duty

The Super Heavy Duty clutch kits offered by NPC are meticulously crafted, providing a matched set that includes a dedicated billet steel flywheel. It’s important to highlight that the clutch kit supplied with the NPC flywheel is not compatible with the factory flywheel, necessitating the use of a custom flywheel alongside a dedicated clutch kit. Alternatively, customers with an existing flywheel from the Super Heavy Duty kit can opt to purchase the clutch kit separately.

While a standard clutch kit can typically be modified to offer approximately 30% more clamp pressure than the norm, highly modified vehicles often demand a more substantial enhancement—exceeding the 30% threshold. In response, the Super Heavy Duty kit is tailor-made as a complete set, comprising both the clutch and flywheel. This bespoke kit features a larger diameter clutch and an impressive clamp pressure increase of up to 200% above standard levels.

In the quest for the optimal clutch solution, NPC diverges from conventional approaches. A clutch option is meticulously chosen from the global market, taking into account factors such as size, clamp pressure, pedal effort, and longevity. Once the ideal clutch assembly is sourced, the subsequent step involves determining the most effective integration method into the target vehicle. NPC then embarks on the design and in-house production of a custom flywheel. The selection of a dedicated release bearing, tailored to achieve the desired stack height, is pivotal to overall performance. In certain instances, the kit may also feature a billet steel bearing carrier.

Prior to reaching the market, the Super Heavy Duty Kit undergoes fitting and rigorous testing by designated workshops, ensuring impeccable quality and performance. This stringent process solidifies the NPC Super Heavy Duty kit as a testament to precision engineering and unwavering reliability.

The Super Heavy-duty clutch is forever evolving as we are always working to keep up with market developments and changes.

Industry leaders in 4-wheel drive diesel tuning are constantly raising the bar and creating more power. We are meeting this demand with continuous development and improvements on our custom products.
We draw on years of experience to select the best combinations possible.

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*Some super heavy-duty options will give a firm pedal effort in some vehicles

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