Dual Mass to Solid Flywheel Conversion

Manufactured onsite in Queensland.

Dual Mass to Solid Flywheel Conversion

NPC is at the forefront of Dual mass to Solid Mass Flywheel (SMF) replacement design and manufacture in Australia. We have successfully designed and trialled most solid replacement flywheels offering an alternative to the factory dual mass flywheel.

There are downsides to the solid mass flywheel conversions but also many positives

Dual mass flywheels (DMF) are now in most modern vehicles and dampen the torsion vibration from the crankshaft, allowing for a smooth quiet driveline.
The downside to this is when the clutch needs replacing the flywheel also needs to be replaced as the flywheel wears at the same rate as the clutch. Although the flywheel face can successfully be machined it is not recommended because of two reasons.

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