Heavy Duty Organic Clutch Kit (suits factory flywheel)

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The foundation of the Heavy Duty Organic kits lie in a premium-quality O.E (original equipment) clutch and pressure plate, which undergo meticulous modifications to elevate the clamp force to levels ranging between 20% to 40% above standard specifications. This enhancement is achieved without compromising on smooth engagement or introducing excessive pedal effort. By complementing the increased clamp pressure with a full-faced premium organic clutch plate, the result is an optimal balance that offers drivers a combination of smooth engagement, excellent drivability, and enhanced performance. In most instances, these improvements are seamlessly integrated, requiring no additional pedal effort for the driver.

Type: Heavy Duty Organic
Clutch Plate Dimension: 225×24.3×22
Dual Mass Flywheel: N/A
Solid Flywheel: Not Included
Concentric Slave Cylinder: N/A
Maximum Measured Dyno Figures at the Wheels: 250RWKW
Spigot: Included
Aligning Tool: Included
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Weight11 kg
Dimensions36 × 35 × 15 cm




Release Year

11/93 – 09/97


Clutch Type

Heavy Duty Organic

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